Breadman Bread Machine

Breadman Bread Machine

Breadman Bread Machine

Breadman bread machines are one of the best and most well known of brands. If you’re looking to buy a reliable appliance then this brand is a good choice. But, the company makes several models at different prices so, which model would suit you best?

Breadman is part of the Salton Group and belong to a stable of well known brands such as George Foreman, Russell Hobbs, Westinghouse and the Toastmaster bread machine. There currently several models of Breadman bread makers to chose from, each offering a slightly different set of features and at a different price. What follows are the models on offer, there main features and their current price.

Breadman Ultimate TR2200C

This was the winner of the Good Housekeeping ‘Good Buy’ Award as well as the Consumer Digest ‘Best Buy’ Award so it comes with a good recommendation from industry experts. It is a versatile machine that can bake 1, 1.5, or 2 lb loaves of bread. It comes with 35 main program settings and 300 sub settings. You can also program your own cycles, either by modifying an existing cycle or by defining each part of the process, from when and if to use the extras dispenser, the pre-heat time, knead 1and knead 2 time, rise 1 time, punch down, rise 2 time, shaping, rise 3 time, baking times. This is an extremely good feature allowing you to make more complex dough like sourbread that requires kneading and rise times of up to 2 days.

This is the most advanced and expensive of the models on offer. It retails for around $120.

Other features

Variable temperature control

Large see-through window

Patented “x-tras” dispenser

Non-stick, horizontal loaf pan

60 minute power failure back-up

24 hour delay timer

Breadman TR875 Pro

This is of stainless steel construction with a very sleek, chic look to it. Like the Ultimate, it can bake 1, 1.5, or 2 lb loaves. There are fewer cycles but you do get Super Rapid bake, 100% whole wheat cycle, pasta, pizza and jam. You also don’t get the extras dispenser, though there is an audible alarm to let you know when it’s time to add in things like nut, fruit and herbs. It retails for around $80 and up.

Other features

Strong and durable stainless steel housing

Detachable lid for easy cleaning

Large LCD display for easy reading

Breadman TR555LC Deluxe Rapid Bread Maker

You can bake 1, 1.5, or 2 lb vertical loaves of bread and it comes with 19 cycles including white bread, whole wheat bread, cake and jam. The Rapid Bake feature means you can cook a loaf of bread in 59 minutes from start to finish. This is an easy bread machine to use; even a complete novice would get to grips with it in no time at all. It retails for around $70.

Other features

Patented fully random pause

Fruit and nut “Add-in” beeper

Removable lid for easy bread pan removal

13 hour delay bake timer

All three machines make perfect bread every time, choosing which model is the best bread machine for you depends on your budget and feature you want. All Breadman bread machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.

I found that I could save money on my grocery bill with the Breadman TR2200C Bread Machine. Are you tired of paying nearly $3.00 dollars for a loaf of bread that may or may not be as fresh as it could be?

I know you might be thinking who has the time or money to make his or her own bread nowadays. That’s a valid question and here is the answer, first off with this bread maker, making bread is as easy as one, two, three, as you will see as you read on.

Secondly, with the state of the economy and prices steadily on the rise making your own bread will be cheaper in the short and long run. It’s a way of saving money the same way people who are starting to plant their own fruits and vegetables are saving.

The thought of making homemade bread may conjure up images of a messy kitchen with flour on the floor and on every counter, with this bread machine those days are gone.

With this bread maker enjoying homemade bread is as easy as adding your ingredients and press a few buttons then walking away. Set your timer and come back in a few hours to a fresh loaf of your favorite bread, or if you choose you can even let it bake overnight.

There is nothing like waking to the smell of fresh homemade bread in the morning. The Breadman bread machine can be used with all different kinds of yeast like wheat, rye, whole wheat, honey banana or even crusty French bread and that’s just to name a few tasty options.

The TR2200C bread maker makes a great gift for the more experience baker and the novice alike, because it is so easy to use. Just follow along with recipe booklet that is included and you cannot go wrong.

Even if you forget an ingredient or your recipe calls for you to add an ingredient late in the kneading process it is no big deal, there is a tray to hold and automatically dispense them.

You can also make breads that are not shaped like a conventional oven loaf if you choose to. The Breadman TR2200C can mix and raise the dough prior to shaping for baking.

From start to finish the process of baking your own bread could not be easier or more economical, and I am sure after you give this bread machine a try you will find yourself making homemade bread more often.

Think of the money you will be saving by making your own bread so the machine in a very short time will pay for it’s self. Included with the bread machine is a recipe booklet, and a 9.5-inch non-stick baking pan.

With the holidays just around the corner the Breadman bread machine would make for a perfect gift, it is relatively inexpensive, it does not take up a lot of space, and it pretty much pays for itself.

There is nothing like enjoying fresh bread with a steaming cup off coffee or tea, it does not get any better then than that on a cool autumn or winter morning.

If you like fresh bread and you are tired of paying $3.00 dollars for a loaf of bread that might be fresh you should consider the Breadman TR2200 Bread machine, it is easy to use, and will save you money in the long run.

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